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Lean Production Systems generally combine different work principles to create its beneficial effect. The main concerns for our production lines are:

  1. Suitable Technical Equipment
  • Resilient, as uncomplicated as possible designed automation technology with a high process reliability and short setup times
  • Automated surveillance and control of the manufacturing process
  1. Added Value And Process Orientation
  • Profitable for automation in general are process steps that determine the quality and added value of the product. Avoiding to spend resources on processes that are not suitable for automation reduces the amount spent on transport and stocks
  • Ideally the continuous One-Piece-Flow System can be applied
  • Buffers are avoided to reduce lead times
  • Higher productivity to workspace ratio

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  1. Just-In-Time Production
  • Needs synchronous production according to the present order situation
  • Lean overall process with reduced lead times and small capital commitment
  1. Consistent Quality Management
  • Extensive, automated error control with possible expansion to TQM
  • Eliminating errors right where they first occur, if possible
  • Thorough investigation and elimination of the error cause
  • Enforcement of the Poka-Yoke Solution
  1. Continuous Improvement Process
  • Constant enhancement of process and control technology (also regarding Point 4.)
  1. Flat Hierarchies For Labour Organisation
  • Flexible distribution of workforce according to current demands
  • Concentration on added value as well as consistent compliance with cycle times
  1. Qualification And Motivation
  • Development of universally deployable operators with necessary technical qualifications
  • Teamwork with distinctive social competence to achieve mutual goals


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