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On the occasion of the 25th company anniversary management and employees celebrate together with numerous guests, including representatives of customers, suppliers and banks as well as local politicians.
With the support of the new project manager the steadily increasing order volume can be coordinated even more goal-oriented.
By now, automation Uhr employs 40 staff members, one half of them in the engineering sector.


The first assembly and testing line for OLED-components is developed.


The funding project for the automatic machining and testing of OLED-functional elements receives much interest from the Thuringian ministry of economics.


The hitherto biggest single volume of orders in the amount of 2.4 million EUR is realised together with an additional, immediately following product expansion equivalent to 1.5 million EUR.


The funding project for the automated assembly of miniature optoelectronic components in the high precision sector is successfully concluded.


The first lean production systems for gearbox and clutch actuators are delivered to our customers.


The economic crisis hits the company due to the cancellation of orders with full force. Despite too low utilisation, the family decides to keep their personnel completely.
After an intensive search a new sales manager is hired. With perseverance and goal-oriented work the family company can survive the crisis and once again record full order books.


Taking advantage of the newly implemented, more effective 3D-CAD-System, significantly more complex technical tasks can be solved.
The new development manager leads the construction department with his creativity towards an even higher level.


The company building is taken over by the newly found Uhr Verwaltungs-OHG.


A document, workflow management as well as archiving system is installed. Following this investment, automation Uhr intends to create a smooth transition to a “paperless office”.


Starting from January, automation Uhr carries on business as purely family-owned company.


The next major step is imminent: Sieghard Schiller, one of the long-time shareholders, retires. All business shares are completely repurchased.


A complex production planning and control system is implemented throughout all business divisions.


The installation of the first 2D-CAD-System takes place. Above this the first assembly as well as test facilities for motor vehicle pressure sensors are devised.


In June the company eventually moves into its own new building. Thereby the working conditions as well as production possibilities again improve significantly. With new motivation and increased working area the company especially invests into staff expansion.


The first machine deliveries abroad are sent to Australia.


The first inline-capable contact heating system is developed.


In October the company moves to bigger, better equipped production rooms within the Tridelta-area. The number of employees increases to 20.


The expansion to Schiller + Uhr Sondermaschinen GmbH & Co. KG took place, introducing the new shareholders Werner Uhr, Frank Uhr and Sieghard Schiller. Through this step an access to automotive suppliers such as Bosch is established early on, including production sites worldwide. With motivation and efficiency numerous challenging tasks can be solved during the following years.


In the area of the Tridelta AG in Hermsdorf new premises provided space for the construction, prefabrication and assembly department.
The family company’s first big offer was a packaging and glueing machine for hearing aid batteries. Its computer-aided operator interface with a graphical selection of production batches already represented an ambitious technical level at the time.
Midway through the year family Uhr is acquainted with the South German special machines construction company Schiller. Both companies command sound knowledge regarding the equipment and technologies of microelectronics. Soon common interests and business areas were identified.


After working for a big special engineering company in North Rhine-Westphalia for a year, the enterprise Werner Uhr Montagetechnik was established on 1st June. In Bad Klosterlausnitz the first workingspaces for an interim activity as engineering office were found.
Aiming to develop and manufacture special machines as full-service provider, family Uhr hires 4 mechanics.


The German reunification eventually provides the people of Eastern Germany with the opportunity of creative self-fulfilment. With three qualified mechanical engineers family Uhr wants to fully leverage their potential. They strive to form their own company.


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