Our success story...

...from a familiy start-up...

...to an international hightech specialist.


An extension building is inaugurated. This allows the assembly area to be enlarged and the warehouse management for components to be significantly improved. automation Uhr GmbH now employs about 40 people, half of them in the engineering sector.


Due to the Corona pandemic, the 30th company anniversary can unfortunately only be celebrated in a small circle.


Research projects, among others on production systems for flexible OLEDs in the automotive sector, strengthen the competence of automation Uhr GmbH in this market segment.


Introduction of a new project and production planning system with direct coupling to accounting, electronic archiving and CAD systems.


The workstation system is exported to several countries (including Mexico, Hungary) after thorough testing at the German headquarters. There, complicated series automatic machines can be replaced cost-effectively, especially in the ramp-up and ramp-down phase.


automation Uhr GmbH develops a workstation system on which complex assemblies in more than 100 different type variants can be manufactured in a process-safe manner under complete control of all operator-specific gripping and assembly processes.


The 25th anniversary of the company is celebrated by the management and employees with many guests, including representatives of customers, suppliers, banks and local politicians. With the new project manager, the increasing order volume can be coordinated in a more targeted manner.


The first assembly and test line for OLED components is developed.


The funded project for automatic processing and testing of OLED functional elements arouses great interest in the Thuringian Ministry of Economics.


The largest single order volume to date is realized with EUR 2.4 million plus a directly subsequent product extension of EUR 1.5 million.


The funding project for the automated assembly of miniature components for optoelectronics in the high-precision sector is successfully completed.


The first lean production systems for manual transmission and clutch actuators are delivered.


The economic crisis hits the company with full force due to the cancellation of several orders. Despite insufficient workload, the family decides to retain all employees and hire a sales manager. With perseverance and goal-oriented work, the family business is able to survive the crisis and record full order books again.


With the changeover to a more powerful 3D CAD system, much more complex tasks are now mastered. The new development manager takes the design department to a higher level with creative ideas.


A document, workflow management and archiving system is installed and the transition to an almost paperless office is completed.


The long-time business partner, Sieghard Schiller, retires. The business shares are completely bought back. As of January, the Uhr family once again runs the business as a purely family-run company.


A complex production planning and control system is introduced in all areas of the company.


The first 2D CAD system is installed. In addition, the first assembly and testing equipment for automotive pressure sensors is developed.


In July, the company moves its headquarters to the company's own new building. Working conditions as well as production possibilities improve again substantially.


The first systems are shipped abroad to Australia.


The first fully inline-capable contact heating system is developed.


Expansion to Schiller + Uhr Sondermaschinen GmbH & Co. KG with the partners Werner Uhr, Frank Uhr and Sieghard Schiller. This creates very early access to well-known automotive suppliers such as Bosch at many locations worldwide.


The company moves into premises on the site of the former Tridelta-AG in Hermsdorf, providing space for design, prefabrication and assembly. In the middle of the year, the Uhr family becomes acquainted with the South German special machine construction company Schiller. Both companies have profound knowledge of microelectronics equipment and technologies. Therefore, they quickly recognize common interests and fields of work.


After one year of working for a large special machine construction company in NRW (Germany), the company Werner Uhr Montagetechnik is founded on June 1st. With the aim of developing and manufacturing special purpose machines as a complete supplier, the family hires 4 mechanics.


German reunification finally offers the people of East Germany the opportunity for creative development. With three well-trained design engineers, the Uhr family wants to fully exploit their potential. They strive to establish their own company.


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