Temperature Applications

Hot. Cold. Done!

For several decades now, one of our specialties is the creation of solutions for the thermal processing of components. Systems from automation Uhr are used worldwide in the temperature range from -40°C to +350°C to realize a wide range of tasks.

The systems are used, for example, for the process-reliable curing of adhesives and potting compounds according to the required temperature profile. They can be fully integrated into production lines, including workpiece carrier transport and data transfer.
Other areas of application include preparing or maintaining an exact temperature or profile for measuring and testing units. Other systems support e.g. flame soldering or bonding processes by appropriate preheating of the components.

- 0 °C


0 °C



Temperature Zones

Besondere Vorteile:
  • Adaptable to any production line and cell concept
  • Significantly less space required compared to conveyor ovens
  • Loading and unloading handling usually integrated
  • Very high temperature gradients can be achieved by means of contact heat
  • Process runs with transfer of all article data to the master computer
  • Special measurement or testing processes can be integrated
  • Exact compliance with set temperature and temperature gradient
  • Clean room and/or ESD capable
  • Very good price / performance ratio
Practical Examples:


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