Flexible Lean Production System For Steering Columns

Quickly convertible assembly, adjustment and inspection line for 6 mechanical or electronic types of steering columns

  • 19 fully and partially automated process stations
  • Production with 1 to 8 operators / cycle time 20 s / lead time 136 s
  • Manual or automated supply of assembly parts
  • Automated or hand-held riveting
  • Servo driven spray lubrication of different contours
  • Distribution system with turret magazine for bearing balls
  • Measuring of the spheres diameter and rolling it into the motion system
  • Cam-controlled joining system of 5 assembly parts at the same time
  • Automated press station with included force and distance monitoring
  • Automated assembly of retaining rings
  • Automated screw fitting with different torque settings
  • Final inspection station: evaluation of motion and force profiles as well as friction torque through measurement hardware
  • Data transfer to host computer