Assembly Unit for Potentiometers

Combination of linear transport and 2 rotary indexing machines with cycle time 1.7 s

  • Bending and cutting process via follow-on tool, direct extraction of the sliding contact spring from the tool
  • Automatic supply for the injection-moulded part rotor
  • Assembly and melting of the sliding contact onto the rotor
  • Automated supply of potentiometer casing and multiple cutting and forming processes via follow-on tool
  • Linear transport and lubrication of the separated casings
  • Assembly and flanging of the rotor into the potentiometer casing
  • Laser trimming and linearity test for electrical resistance
  • Dispensation of protective varnish on reconciliation surface
  • Removing of bad parts
  • Palletised output via gantry robot including the following stacking
  • Complete backtracking of parts through the carriage of one data record per product