Joint Research Project OLEDautoflex
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Within this research project, automation Uhr and its associated partners would like to develop the basis for an automated backend production in order to be able to offer automation systems for flexible OLED modules in the future.

Based on the basic component - the OLED bare level element - processes and technologies of testing, assembly and interconnection technology are researched and characterized for their processing into final OLED systems.
The overall goal is the development of an integrated design and manufacturing solution for the exemplary production of an OLED-function system according to the requirements of volume production - preferably for use in automotive applications.
The subgoal derived from this are the research of suitable procedures. The result is functional models in 3D representation as a virtual production concept for the description of the manufacturing processes and the equipment required for them.

This significantly shortens potential customers' access to the market by minimizing the initialization costs for series production resulting from any preliminary investigations and upstream test executions.
The technology demonstrator to be developed shows solutions in OLED-specific and critical sub-processes along the process chain and answers technical, commercial and quality-relevant questions.
Decisive for the successful implementation of OLED technology in the industrial sector and for use in motor vehicles will be whether manufacturers can be offered a process with the associated process technology for manufacturing the assemblies and whether the commercial and temporal initialization barriers can be minimized by utilizing this know-how.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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