Development of systems for the cost-effective automated mass production of OLED components for the taillight and interior light areas of automobiles with short cycle times

Leerzeiele in weiß

The very thin, bendable OLED basic components including the controllable segments, which are produced in vacuum coating process systems, must be contacted, tested and connected to a carrier element with high precision in a very short cycle time in the downstream process. Depending on the requirements of the respective automotive manufacturer, the geometries, number of free-form surfaces and light signatures of the resulting OLED assemblies vary considerably. This requires flexible automation solutions with specific process technologies for handling and connection.

Intelligent production monitoring and quality control must be ensured by electrical and photometric measurements in combination with industrial image processing solutions for defect control of the luminous surfaces in the range of < 10 micrometers.

The networking of data streams with upstream and downstream production and logistics processes is to take place at plant management level (MES systems) and company level (ERP systems).

With the simulation of the assembly, processing and testing of these OLED special designs, the optimal degree of automation can be derived at short notice for different production quantities under the specific requirements of the various automobile manufacturers.


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